BRB TECNOSCALE grants the stability of the colour formulation through time and the continuity of the application process. However, slight colour differences are possible and depend on the used rough material variety (timber). Even in painting wood or metal parts dyes and varnish are never perfectly the same as the samples seen with the supplier or on the catalogue.









T01 - Natural Beech   T02 - Tanganyca Beech   T03 - Oak Beech   T04 -Doussiè-Beech   T05 - Iroko-Beech
009 Basic Grey   011 Bronze   014 Chromo green   017 Oxyd green   019 Intensive Blue
023 Light Grey   031 Purple plum   035 Bottle green   038 copper   040 Pale gold
041 Granit grey   044 Ivory   045 Bordeaux   050 Dark brown   052 Sanded Bronze