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Staircase specialists for more than 50 years.

Tecnoscale turns your wishes into reality thanks to the team’s experience and competence: we create exclusive staircases and balustrades, extremely personalized in design and materials.
After many years in the sector, we have been keeping up with innovation and technology thanks to a dynamic and young team. In our factory, competence, specialization and attention to details are key words: every staircase is a unique piece.

A staircase is not an ordinary object if it is made exactly in the way you want to. It becomes more than a part of your home. It becomes an extraordinary decorative element which represents your own personality and style. We design your staircase with you, in order to give you a personalized and unique accommodation solution.


Flexible Solutions

Our staircases are never the same because they are created following the different wishes and necessities of our clients. Tecnoscale is able to provide flexible solutions, depending on the requests (even the most demanding) of private customers, businesses, architects and designers.


We put quality at the center of our work. The pursuit of quality and excellence is fundamental in every step of the process: from the materials choice, to the precision during the designing and production phase.

Long Experience

Tecnoscale has been working in the sector for more than 50 years: a long way which has brought solidity, experience and product knowledge to the company.

Looking Forward

We have a positive attitude and we look ahead, because we believe in our future. Innovation has a strategic importance for us: new technologies, new materials and new products represent new challenges to improve ourselves.

Tecnoscale Green

We have been operating in the respect of the environment for years, following the principle of searching for quality in harmony with nature. Tecnoscale has today achieved nearly zero level energy consumption.